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Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Restore America

As a political party, the GOP has the ability to literally restore our country... to restore individual liberties and freedoms enjoyed by previous generations.

How can this be accomplished?

It can be accomplished by maintaining integrity in the party's mission (conservative politics and limited government) and by embracing the POWER of patriots found in TEA Party activists. This will help us to support candidates that are true conservatives and gain the votes of empowered American citizens.

The determination of American patriots cannot be matched. As we continue to add TEA Party patriots to our ranks, we gain from that determination and begin to reflect what American citizens demand.

American citizens WILL accomplish the goal of restoring America, with or without the GOP. With the GOP's help and guidance through the political landscape we can all accomplish our goals more quickly and more efficiently.

As a TEA Party patriot, I have marched on Washington D.C. with almost 1 million others to the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial. The date was 8/28/10, and it was Glenn Beck's Honor Rally. Along with native Americans, black Americans, and other races from around the country, we declared in one loud voice that we respect our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, and we also honored great citizens.

I am a TEA Party patriot that has joined with the GOP to accomplish the most honorable goal of all... to Restore America.

The time is now. We must invite TEA Party patriots to join our ranks in great numbers. They will see the honor that is in the Republican Party... if we show it to them.

Jeff Bales
Pima County Republican Executive Committee
Member At-Large
Jeff Bales at 8/28/10 Honor Rally at Lincoln Memorial


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