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Monday, January 10, 2011

Democratic Sheriff Dupnick is an embarrassment to Arizona

While basking in his few minutes of national glory, he apparently saw no irony in criticizing the overheated rhetoric of his political opponents while calling them accomplices to murder. His blatantly political rhetoric is an attempt to tar his political opposition with the crimes of a lunatic so as to render illegitimate the views of many Americans, including those who want secure borders. Let’s hope Pima County voters remember his outrages when he is up for reelection.


Blogger  said...

When Jimmy Carter “screwed the pooch” on the Iran hostages, we elected a better President. The American people were told that Ronald Reagan would do a much better job and he did.

Now, it’s “IMPEACH OBAMA,” “BYE BYE GABBY,” “DUMP DUPNIK.” This is exactly the kind of “vitriol” that Dupnik was complaining about. You got a better candidate? Put him up! Or just plain shut up.

Brian Miller was an up and coming Pima County prospect. As an Air Guard OFFICER and PILOT, he looked like a very promising candidate for any office. (Even though he flew the A-10, an aircraft that the “bottom of the class” gets, he still seemed pretty decent.) Instead, he sponsors the “dump dupnik” rhetoric spewed out by the tea banger faction. (Ulysses S. Grant, a REPUBLICAN, shut you boys up one hundred and fifty years ago. Guess a few of you done “excaped” and infiltrated the party of Lincoln.)

Pima County - either rise to the occasion or crawl away limp like you did in November.

January 26, 2011 at 9:06 AM  

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