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Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Chris Flowers

"The Democrats think this is the day after Thanksgiving - Black Friday. And, as the last few hours of the 111th Congress tick off, they are standing in line. But instead of standing in line in front of Wal-Mart to get those high tech goodies, they are standing in front of the taxpayers’ wallet to get their pork. Obviously they have already forgotten the lessons of this last election.
They have also forgotten that voters like their representatives to read the bills they pass. We are on the verge of borrowing $1.1 trillion from the Chinese and we can’t even get them to take a day or so to read the bill. What are they afraid of us finding out about?
If that’s not bad enough, the Democrats are trying to treat a nuclear arms treaty like an earmark on the spending bill and trying ti ram it down the Senate’s throat. This treaty, if ratified in its current state will limit our ability to protect ourselves from Iranian and North Korean missiles and will prevent us from modernizing our nuclear weapons stockpile, which is so old that the men and women that may be forced to use them are younger than the weapons designs themselves.
Obviously much of the push is coming from Democrats who know that this is their last chance to push their radical agenda. But we can win if our Republican representatives stand firm. Sen. Mitch McConnell talked a good game after the November elections, now it is time to walk the walk. The 112th Congress House of Representatives will have an up hill battle with defunding Obama-care, fighting the DREAM Act, and paying down debt with unspent funds from the first failed stimulus package. They will run in to rigid opposition from the Democratic leadership, but I think enough Democrats will come on board, especially if they are up for election in 2012.
What happens in the next few days will set the foundation for the next congress. We can stop the spending. We can stop the liberal agenda. And we can stop Obama if we have the fortitude. This Congress can set the stage for a successful 112th Congress if they can show a little backbone for the next few weeks."


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